The Organization

In order to establish a powerful and healthy peer to peer community, we closely work together with our members to create better ideas and solutions. On this journey, we will certainly fail and pivot many times. We believe that this is the only way to create the unlikely. Our values of transparency and a relationship on equal footing form the basic rules of the game. These values are shared through all layers of Freilich – including individual community members, team members and leaders.

Until a significant income can be generated from our platform, financing remains a major challenge. Expenses that must be covered include costs for the development of the platform as well as our teams living costs. During 2018 we were funded by the AWS (Austria Wirtschaftsservice). Applications for funding programs in 2019 are in process. Meanwhile, we are using our private savings so that we can commit ourselves fully to the growth and development of Freilich. To earn a little money on the side, Frank has become active as DJ again.

Right now, the most critical challenge is to gain funding in order to secure the survival of the project. We are constantly developing and testing our platform and business model. For that, we closely work together with our community members and fully rely on their trust and cooperation.

We kindly invite you to share your thoughts and feedback with us by leaving us a message via WhatsApp or email. Your feedback and suggestions are the biggest sources of improvement for us. It is also of great value to us if you help us share the Freilich spirit by telling your friends about us and inviting them to join as hosts, artists or art lovers.

We consider business angels and investors in our search for funding. It is however key, that any partner shares our vision, values and standards.

The interests of our community will always be of top priority and it will be our task to mediate potential conflicting interests of our stakeholders. Freilich stands for organic and sustainable-, rather than fast but uncontrollable growth. According to these standards, we will carefully select future partners and investors. A strict and fair monetization of our services will help us reach our goals of continuously improving the global Freilich experience and maintaining our high-quality standards. To establish a balance between different stakeholder groups, we will set up a community board. This will be a group of community members, who will represent the interests of the community and help us in making the right decisions by balancing different interests. If you are interested to join the community board as a community member reach out to us via WhatsApp: #communityboard.

A fixed service fee is the easiest way to handle the process unless donations are transferred digitally (to be implemented in the future). 29€ equal 20% of the average income per session of 150€.

We did. However, our experience shows, that you will spend more money on an artist that you do not know yet when you are free to contribute after the performance versus when you are asked for a fixed ticket price of e.g. 10€ beforehand. As soon as the artist manages to build a personal rapport with his audience, the willingness to pay doubles as opposed to before the event. Just ask yourself: Would you want to buy a ticket for a show without knowing what you can expect? Or would you rather let the artists surprise you, contribute after the event and maybe even buy some merch directly from the artist?

Do you have input or feedback to our business? Or are you interested in an investment or cooperation? Simply reach out to us via email. We're looking forward to hearing from you:

  • Judith Kuneth (co-founder):
  • Frank Schulleri (co-founder):