How it Works

How it Works

The Freilich concept builds on collaboration and is very simple: everyone contributes. Hosts provide their location, artists perform, and guests bring their own drinks and snacks. The guests include friends of the hosts, friends of the artists and at least 10 community members, who receive their ticket via Freilich. At the end of each performance, everyone supports the artist with an individual contribution of 5-15€.

Since March 2019 up to 200 test users can connect with each other and organize their individual Freilich events in just a few steps online. In the past this whole whole process was coordinated through our Whatsapp Broadcast.

Currently, in Vienna and Munich. In September 2019 we want to start a first community in Berlin. Do you want to help us to bring Freilich to your city? Simply reach out to us via WhatsApp and tell us where you live.

  1. add +43 677 6288 2782 to your contacts
  2. send „hi“ via WhatsApp

As an artist, please additionally register here.

Once you’re registered to our WhatsApp broadcast you will

  1. Receive your login data from us via Whatsapp. This lets you
  2. Login at where you can
  3. Browse events and get your tickets

Whenever visiting an event don't forget to

  • Bring your own drinks and snacks
  • Contribute to the artist with a 5-15€ donation