Hosting a Freilich

Answers to common questions

If you can answer these questions with "yes",  you are ready to go:

  • Do you have space for at least 20 people? (or a room with 20m²)
  • Can 10 people from the Freilich community attend?
  • Did you read the FAQs?

Yes, yes, and yes? Then what are you waiting for? 🙂

Then Freilich is simply not for you.

This is totally up to you. We recommend starting early enough so the performance ends at 10PM to reppect your neighbors. Here is an example:


.. Welcome your guests

.. and enjoy the session 🙂

P.S.  Pictures are used as examples only. Pictures show different artists at different events, locations and times.

At least 10 community members can join by getting a ticket. The rest is up to you. You can invite your friends, or let the artist bring some fans too.

Concerts should be played as acoustic and stripped down as possible. This way you can expect a smooth Freilich experience. It is the artist’s responsibility to adapt their setup to the individual location. Make sure to inform the artist, in case your neighbors are very noise sensitive.

Only members who got a ticket.

Sure thing! Just tell your guests at the beginning of the event what your preferred closing time is.

It is your responsibility to respect the law and your neighbors’ rights and interests, as you will bear the final consequences. If you stick to the following recommendations,we're sure you will have a smooth and enjoyable Freilich time:

  • Inform the artist about your neighbors’ noise sensitivity and ask which instruments will be used in what way
  • Inform your neighbors (even better: invite them)
  • Finish the performance before 10 pm
  • After 10 PM: Close windows and keep noise down
  • In case police is coming: remain polite and cooperative, keep the noise down
  • In case of doubt: kindly ask people to leave. Recommend a bar nearby where people can meet again

No. By providing your location you already share your contribution. Guests bring their own drinks and snacks. To be on the safe side, ask some of your friends whether they are willing to bring an extra bottle of wine or some snacks to share them among others.

No. It is the artists' responsibility to organize all they need for their performance. In case the artist does not play by the rules, just refer to the artist FAQs on our website. In case you have equipment available, let the artist know. It could save them a lot of time and effort.

No problem. Get in touch by calling or sending us a message to +43 677 6288 2782 .

We are more than happy to answer all your questions and we'd love to get to know you 🙂

Best Practices - Get the most out of hosting

We talked with more than 50 hosts to find the Dos and Don’ts for a smooth Freilich experience. Here they are:

Ask the artist in beforehand whether s/he prefers beer or wine. Hint: Save time and money by asking a friend of yours to help you supply the artist with some extra drinks.

This is an super easy way to create a cozy atmosphere. Be careful with open fire though!

People tend to stick to chairs (as if their name was written on them), while they will move around more freely if there is one single space that is open to everybody. You can use pillows, blankets or carpets to make it even more comfortable.

A happy face and some friendly words are an easy way to make your guests feel welcome and to build trust. Tell them where they can find the kitchen, living room or smoking area.

There will be three different groups of people attending your session: your friends, the artist's friends, and guests from the Freilich community. Introduce your friends to the others to break the ice and to initiate new conversations and maybe even friendships. This is an easy way to get to know each other and Freilich is always a good conversation starter. 😉

Before the show starts, take one minute to pass on some information to the people:

  • Who is the artist?  - Name, nationality
  • What is Freilich? - A community for artists and art lovers
  • How do we appreciate the artist? - Contributions of ~10€ per person to be collected after the event
  • Infos about closing hour, smoking, where to dispose empty bottles,..?

Read or print this Cheat Sheet so you don’t have to remember everything.

Artists often feel uncomfortable with collecting donations for their performance. Help them out by taking the initiative to collect the donations for them. Put a 5€ or 10€ bill into the hat before you pass it around. This serves people as a reference and helps them to decide how much they want to contribute to the artist. Actively approach attendees who have not donated yet. Often, they get lost in conversations and forget to look for the donation hat themselves. (As host, you are not expected to share a donation. You can also pass the hat to your friends who are the first to put in an appropriate contribution. This way your friends serve as a reference for others.)

Use a hat or something soft to collect the money for the artist. Avoid glasses or other hard materials. As soon as people hear coins dropping (as in the church), the coins become the new reference point which will decrease the average amount paid to the artist.

Ready to host?

Great! Every Freilich is different. One thing is sure, it’s going to be an exceptional and fun evening! We are looking forward to enjoying this session with you, your friends and a bunch of further art-lovers. If you have questions, get in touch with us anytime!

Here are your next steps:

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.. or if you need some personal advice from one of our team mebers:

  1. Add our number to your contacts: +43 677 6288 2782
  2. Send us "I'm ready to host" via WhatsApp or SMS. We'd love to get to know you! 🙂