Performing with Freilich

Answers to common questions

Neither of them. To set up a Freilich gig, no bookers or managers are needed. You and the host are in full control of organizing the event. We provide you all you need to manage your events, and tickets without the involvement of third parties.

Sure thing! Just make sure your performance or presentation fits into a  private location. If you have special requirements, simply describe what you need in your artist profile and proactively look for hosts that match your needs.

As an visual artist you could for example auction an artwork of yours at the end of the session, or include a performance in your exhibition (e.g. live painting or co-performance with a musician). Be creative! It's up to you how you shape your presentation.

It's all up to you and your host so make sure you talk about it beforehand. We recommend finishing your gig before 10PM to avoid angry neighbors. Here is a reference that you could follow:

As an artist, it is your responsibility to organize and transport the equipment needed for your show. This seems unusual to you? Well, there are some good reasons behind this concept: Be aware, that your host is most likely not familiar with technical setup at all and he/she will not know what a tech rider, PA, or XLR cable is. Fairly enough, your host is sharing his/her location with you and your audience already. Only if hosting remains as easy and uncomplicated as it is,  more and more community members will decide to host a session themselves. And more hosts mean you get more opportunities to perform 🙂

We are working on features that allow you to lend equipment from other community members. In the meantime, you can get in touch with us via WhatsApp/Phone: +43 677 6288 2782.

Please get in touch as soon as possible since we only have limited equipment available. There is a deposit fee of 200€ per rent which will be refunded once you have returned the equipment in an unchanged state. Note that you must pick up and return rented equipment yourself. To get equipment delivered to and from your host, an extra fee of 25€ applies to cover the costs of transportation.


We are working on a feature that lets you ask the Freilich community for help . In the meantime, we recommend

  • asking a friend to help you out or
  • taking an Uber/taxi/DriveNow

Yes. Your performance is appreciated with hat donations from the audience. We cannot guarantee a certain amount, but we are highly committed to maintaining a standard average of 150€ per session (30 avg. attendees).


Freilich hint: The more you engage and interact with your audience, the better the response in terms of donations/selling merch and winning them as long-term fans. 🙂

Generally, all income that leaves you with a profit at the end of the day needs to be declared for taxation. However, in some countries, there is a tax-free allowance up to a certain amount. It is your duty to keep track of your income and expenses and to state those accordingly in your tax declaration.

You can register, set up your artist profile and organize your gig for free. To help us cover the costs of developing the Freilich platform, we kindly ask you to contribute a percentage of your income to Freilich after you successfully performed a Freilich session.  We will never ask you to pay before you performed.  Only after your Freilich gig,  a service fee of 29€  (this equals 20% of the average earnings of 150€.) is added to your account. To further reduce the risk for you as an artist, the fee decreases to 9€ for every session at which you earned less than 100€. In this case, please ask the host to doublecheck the donations you received and get in touch with us the day after your performance.

If you have any questions or doubts about this please get in touch - we would love to get your feedback on our model!

P.S. The reason why we do not charge a percentage fee but a fixed amount is that we cannot count the money you get (in cash). To make the process easy and transparent, we decided to introduce a fixed amount of 29e.

If you have a credit card you can simply transfer your contribution online. You find your billing settings in your profile.

If you do not have a credit card we kindly ask you to transfer 29€ to our bank account within 14 days after the event took place.

We are currently working on SEPA payment. In the meantime, please cooperate with one of the previous options with us. Thanks <3

Please ask the host to doublecheck your earnings. Then reach out to us via the form in your artist account, or the following day via phone or WhatsApp: +43 677 6288 2782.

Get in touch with us and we will help you connect with the community: +43 677 6288 2782.. In the future, you will be able to directly reach out to members of the Freilich network.

Best Practices - Get the most out of performing at Freilich

There are several things that you can do to help your audience appreciate, understand and remember your performance. Here are some of our most effective tips & tricks: (P.S.: Some of them might work for you, some not. Take them as suggestions and not a set of rules)


Greet each attendee personally. This is a super effective way to break the ice and create a personal atmosphere right from the beginning. Simply say “hi” when a new guest enters the room. You can also (but must not) shake hands.

  • Introduce yourself and tell us what you do. How did you start your artistic career and why? What is currently on your mind? What bothers you? Is there a message that you want to pass on?
  • Tell stories. We love stories and personal anecdotes. It helps us remember things better (our brain simply works this way). You can use “storytelling” to guide us through your performance, your life, or simply give us some insights into individual pieces of your artwork.
  • Involve the audience if you are able to: e.g. through improvisation, by asking questions, starting a dialogue, or simply by allowing us to sing along.

Divide your performance into two sets. Have a 10-15-minute break in-between. This allows your audience to go to the toilet, grab a drink or have a cigarette without disturbing the performance. It’s also a chance for you to talk to your new potential fans and get to know some of them a bit better in the break. This way everyone is focused, relaxed and ready for the second set and it extends the overall experience.

For example, place a nametag in the room. To increase your visibility, take a piece of paper or cardboard, write down your name (+ social media channels) and put it on a spot that everyone can see during the show (e.g. wall/windows behind you). There will be up to 40 people in the audience that might want to follow and tag you. Kindly remind everyone that photos, videos, liking, tagging, and telling friends about you is highly appreciated. Don’t be shy to repeat this message.

It helps people remember you and will increase your income. Let your new fans get something to hold in their hands that reminds them of their unique experience with you. If you don’t have any merch yet, just get creative and create small vouchers or goodies that you give away for a small donation e.g. a download code, postcards, a hand-signed drawing, a personalized message or something scribbled on a card. However, try not to give away your merch for free. It reduces the overall willingness to pay or donate. Even if money is not the main motivation to perform at a Freilich for you, giving stuff away for free still undervalues your artistic work (stickers, flyers, etc. are hereby not considered as merch – it does make sense to give them away for free).

Thank your host for sharing their space with some kind words in front of the audience. This is a crucial motivator for hosts to keep inviting artist like you.

Often audiences are mesmerized of the show in a way that they simply forget to donate. To avoid awkward moments, clearly call for donations and ask the host to collect them for you.

Invite your audience to join the Freilich community to increase the chance to get invited to another Freilich session. Remind them, that with a host profile, they can directly connect with you on the platform. Remember that most people might not yet be familiar with the concept of Freilich. Take this as chance to explain how Freilich works and motivate them to join the network.

Ready to perform at a Freilich Session? Here are your next steps:

  • Sign up here, to create your artist profile and get in touch with Freilich hosts