What is Freilich?

Freilich is a growing community of artists and art lovers who collaboratively create unique art experiences in private locations. Building on the needs of our members, we develop the first online collaboration platform that connects artists and art lovers and that helps them to realize creative projects by sharing resources. This way, Freilich enables local art experiences in a global network of talented artists & art lovers.

What is our vision?

Our vision is “to empower the world’s creative minds”. Our mission: to build a global community that enables you to enjoy intimate Freilich experiences worldwide. We want to help artists reach a new audience and new promotion channels; we want to help creative minds to develop their skills and realize inspiring projects; and we want to let people all around the world experience art in a unique Freilich-way by making living-room art experiences available to everyone.

How does it work?

The Freilich concept builds on collaboration and is very simple: everyone contributes. Hosts provide their location, artists perform, and guests bring their own drinks and snacks. The guests include friends of the hosts, friends of the artists and at least 10 community members, who receive their ticket via Freilich. At the end of each performance, everyone supports the artist with an individual contribution of 5-15€.

How can you be part?

Simply join our community! Become an active member and either host a session yourself or easily put on a performance in any city as an artist. If hosting or performing yourself is no option to you, you can attend events taking place around you at any time. Simply bring your own drinks and appreciate the artist’s performance with a financial contribution (5-15€). Other ways to contribute include e.g. food sharing, providing your creative services (photo, video), or accommodating touring artists at your place.

How did everything start?

The idea came to life in 2016, when Judith and Frank thought about ways to support a common friend, who barely knew people he could present his music to. A couple of weeks later, the first Freilich Session took place in Judith's living room. We gathered some of our friends and randomly invited 15 art lovers through our Facebook Page. Together we enjoyed the very first concert of the band Buntspecht. It wasn't meant to stay the only show. Supported by equally enthusiastic fellas, we've already set up over 80 living room experiences with more than 150 artists of various countries and art genres. Today, we are a young startup in the pre-seed phase working on a sustainable business model and community

What's our motivation?

Our strongest motivation is the positive feedback we receive from our happy community members. They encourage us to push even harder to reach our goals. Also, half of our team are musicians themselves, so they know exactly which struggles young artists face. We strongly believe that with our vision and our concept built on collaboration, we have laid a fertile ground for a viable solution. Not least, we all love to experience art in a personal way. And there is nothing better than sharing these powerful and inspiring moments with likeminded people.

Judith & Frank - founders of Freilich Open Arts

Want to know more about our concept? Check out our FAQs for more info.