The Freilich Platform

On March 21st we released the first online platform to be tested exclusively by our community members. Read more

What is Freilich?

Freilich Open Arts is a growing community of young artists, hosts and art lovers, who collaboratively create intimate art experiences in private locations. We develop the first online collaboration platform that connects our members to help them realize creative projects in an easy and automated way.             Read more

We grow

Art Lovers

How it works

The Freilich concept builds on collaboration and is very simple: everyone contributes. Artists perform, hosts provide a location, and the audience contributes drinks, food, and donations for the artists. We connect hosts and artists and send out exclusive session invitations to community members. Sign up, contribute, and enjoy inspiring Freilich moments. More

Want to see how it works? Watch our video!


Become part of the community. Host a session at your place, accommodate a touring artist for a night or two, or provide food or drinks for a session. Sign up below and receive exclusive information and invitations upcoming Freilich Sessions via WhatsApp/SMS.

Join as Artist

No matter whether you are a musician, poet, magician, author, designer, painter, or photographer. Sign up and be connected with art lovers who want to see and experience what you do. Perform and be promoted by Freilich and our community.

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