Enjoy art in a personal way.

Join intimate art performances and meet new people in a living room atmosphere.
Contribute as a Host, Artist, or Art Lover.

What is Freilich?

We are an international sharing community based in Vienna. And we love to enjoy art in a personal way. Therefore, we share our private locations with artists and invite people (such as you) to join our events. You can bring a friend or attend by yourself. You can host your own session, or as an artist, simply start your first performance with Freilich. A cozy atmopshere makes it easy to meet new people. There is no ice to break.

What is Freilich?

Freilich Open Arts is a growing community of young artists, hosts and art lovers, who collaboratively create intimate art experiences in private locations. We develop the first online collaboration platform that connects our members to help them realize creative projects in an easy and automated way.

How it works…

Everyone contributes: Artists perform, hosts provide a location or let touring artists couchsurf for a night or two. As part of the audience, you can share a hat donation to the artist. Or maybe you are a foodsharing member and can provide us with some snacks? Are you good with taking pictures or videos? There are so many ways how you can contribute. To ensure a smooth collaboration, we trust and respect each other and stick to the Freilich Code of Conduct.

Are you ready to…

attend an event

Enjoy art in a personal way

Discover aspiring artists

Meet new like-minded people

become a host

Enjoy arts live at home

Surprise your friends

Support talented artists

join as an artist

Get more performances

Receive fair compensation

Grow your follower base

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