What is Freilich?

We believe that more art experiences can be initiated through collaboration. By connecting art lovers, creative people, and artists, we empower them to realize intimate inspiring experiences in private locations. Freilich is the first sharing community platform that gives artists the opportunity to present and develop their portfolio, while art lovers can appreciate art in an intimate and unique environment.

Why are we doing it?

Our goal is to support striving artists, creative people, and art lovers. We want to help artists reach a new audience and new promotion channels. We want to help creative minds to develop their skills and realize inspiring projects. We want to let people all around the world experience art in a unique Freilich-way by making living-room art experiences available to everyone.

Do I have to pay to be part?

No. Currently, we are still testing our concept, wherefore being part is free of charge. In the near future, however, we will have to introduce fees to cover costs and secure the survival and growth of Freilich.

How does it work?

The concept is simple: everyone contributes. Artists perform or exhibit, hosts provide a location, and guests bring food and drinks. We encourage the hosts to negotiate a fair deal with the artists performing at their location. Generally, voluntary donations of the participants will be collected and handed to the artist as compensation and a gesture of appreciation.

Where does it happen?

Currently in Vienna and Munich. Why not take Freilich into your city next? It could happen in a living room, studio, or any other private space. We love all kinds of exclusive, intimate or hidden locations. Get in touch if you have a cool location in mind.

What kind of art do we feature?

No matter what art genre you represent, you will find an interested and attentive audience for your performance, exhibition, or presentation. It can be your own project or someone else's idea. To set up or take part in a Freilich session just join the community and share your skills with us. Are you still looking for the right partners?  You might find them in our community!

How did it start?

It was the summer of 2016 when we came up with the idea of organizing an intimate concert for a friend of ours, a talented piano player and songwriter. He was new to Vienna and barely knew people he could present his music to, which was the reason we decided to gather some friends in Judith's living room and enjoy our friend's tunes. It wasn't meant to stay the only living room concert that would happen with us. Supported by a growing team of equally enthusiastic fellas,  we've organized 40 living room art experiences, featuring more than 80 local but also international artists of various art genres and connecting them with more than 600 art lovers who joined the sessions either as hosts or simply as guests.

What motivates us?

We believe, that if we unite the right people, we can encourage the development of creative projects all over the world. And besides, it’s a fun and rewarding work, we simply can’t stop doing. Is there anything better than connecting people, getting inspired, and experiencing unique events with like-minded art-lovers?

Judith & Frank - founders of Freilich Open Arts